Proven the destructive influence of the self on the face


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Scientists have proven that the process of creating a selfie leads to early aging. This writes The Sun.

A new study conducted by beauty firm Avon, has shown that the blue light from the screen of the smartphone (High-energy visible light — HEV-rays) is having a damaging effect on the skin. “Blue light is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where collagen is produced and elastin, and make them more vulnerable and delicate. Prolonged exposure under this radiation can cause severe oxidative damage,” explained a dermatologist at London Cadogan clinic Dr. Susan Mahiou (Dr Susan Mayou).

In addition, according to the survey, a quarter of respondents aged 18 to 24 spend seven or more hours a day in front of the screen of the smartphone. However, only 10 percent of them know about the harmful effects of HEV radiation on the skin.

In may, face scrub, Walnut Face Scrub, released a personal beauty brand in the world most young women, Kylie Jenner, has recognized the threat to health. Dermatologists have warned fans of the brand Kylie Skin that the composition is walnut, which can severely damage the skin.

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