“The fattest man in the world” traded sex for food


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Paul Nixon page in Facebook

The US resident Rebecca Mountain (Rebecca Mountain) shared intimate details of life with a former holder of the title the fat man in the world Paul Mason (Paul Mason). Her words leads edition of the Sun.

In 2015, Mason broke up with his fiancée mountain for a relationship which lost 305 pounds. Then he found the motivation to save the relationship. The pair remained friends and continued to live together in the house of a woman.

“I meet only with those men with whom I have physical and emotional connection, recalls mountain life with former lover. — Paul we just all came together. With him I was very comfortable.” The woman claims that they had “great sex”.

According to her, Mason had traded their love for a addiction to bad food. “One day I came home and saw a big loaf of bread. We started fighting and realized that no longer can to tolerate each other. I felt he disrespected my feelings,” she explained.

Familiarity 52-year-old British man and 40-year-old mountain from Massachusetts occurred in Facebook. She wrote to him in the social network saw him in the documentary. The woman wanted to help Mason find an assistant on the farm, but the companionship grew into a relationship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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