The richest man in the world shared the secret of success


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Amazon founder and the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos said there are three things that need to pay aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to succeed. About it writes Bloomberg.

According to him, the most important is to be customer — oriented. “Find out what gives them [customers] the greatest joy,” said Bezos. He also said that aspiring entrepreneurs must be prepared for failures, and to move forward, we need to take bold steps.

“You must recognize that your business will be largely an experiment that can fail. This is normal. That’s what a risk,” said Bezos.

Head Amazon emphasized the importance of faith in their own project. According to him, if not, then getting involved in a business makes no sense, since it would be difficult to compete with other companies. “You must have passion for what you are going to do and plan to develop”, he concluded.

Amazon founder heads the rating of the richest businessmen on the planet according to Forbes. As of June 7, his fortune is estimated at 147,9 billion dollars. In 2019, the divorced Bezos with his wife Mackenzie, paying her a cancellation fee of $ 35 billion, however, and then remained the richest man of the planet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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