Ernst revealed the fate of the show “the Voice. Children” after the scandal with the daughter Alsu



The General Director of channel Konstantin Ernst told RIA Novosti that wants the project “Voice. Children” after the incident with the cheat votes during the finale of the sixth season of the TV show.

According to Ernst, the channel has no plans to close the program. Will be filmed a new season of the show. Ernst did not specify when it will begin work on the continuation of the project.

In late may, First channel stated that he believes the incident is exhausted with the cheat votes. So, the press service commented on the information that a relative of the adult finalists of “the Voice” submitted the application to the police with a request to initiate criminal proceedings against parents Mikelly Abramova — singer Alsu and her husband, businessman Ian Abramov — for influence on the election results. The channel has promised to work to prevent this from happening again.

The first channel cancelled the results of the sixth season of “the Voice. Children.” Such decision was accepted after investigation company Group-IB, which is found cheating in the voting at the end of the show in favor of the daughter Alsou, who won.

May 24, aired a special edition of the sixth season. According to its results, all the finalists were declared winners. Each gave a million rubles, and offered to record his compositions with the support of Universal Music.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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