Ex-husband convicted in the United States, the Russians had offered her joint custody of the children


www.vsyako.netPhoto: BOGDAN OSIPOV #HelpBogdana / “Vkontakte”

Brian Mobley — ex-husband convicted in the United States, the Russians Bogdan Osipova said that he was offering her joint custody of the children, reports RIA Novosti.

According to Mobley, he never tried to isolate the children from the mother, as their lives must be both parents. The former husband convicted insists that the Russian was not released before the return of the children to the United States, as fears more than never to see.

Independent new York lawyer Oksana Sokolova said that he tried to contact the family of Osipova, but “with them was difficult to say, they did not go on contact.” According to the guardian, Olena Polyakova, the family, the Russians asked Mobley to take measures in mitigation of punishment Osipova before the arrival of children in the United States. However, the American replied that the proposal is unacceptable neither for him nor for children.

7 Jun Osipov was sentenced to seven years in prison for kidnapping and export outside the US of their own children, as well as “extortion on an international scale”. The court decided to return the children to the United States.

According to investigators, in 2014, a citizen of the United States and Russia Osipova was taken from the two children without the consent of her husband. By the time the spouse started the divorce process. In Russia, the woman gave birth to a third child: the couple have two children together, the eldest child born of the first marriage Osipova. In 2017, she arrived in Wichita, where he was detained. Children continued to stay in Russia.

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