Russia predicted the departure of the new Champions League


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Russia could be “almost completely excluded from the new League of Champions” due to low performance in the UEFA rankings, said the official representative of the Spanish championship (La Liga) in Russia Daniel Cerecedo in an interview with “Izvestia”.

Cereceda believes that such consequences may result from the new format of the Champions League.

The proposal for the reforms, developed by President of the European club Association (ECA) and head of the Italian club Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, suggests the abolition of the system of Champions League qualification. ESA also intends to change the format of the group stage of the tournament. Now at this stage of the Champions League clubs divided into eight groups of four teams, ECA proposes to reduce the number of groups to four, each of which will include eight teams. Thus, each participant of the tournament will play at least 14 games (now six). In addition, six teams from each group will retain a place in the Champions League next season. Every year in the tournament will be able to enter only eight new teams.

The introduction of a new format in the Champions League will cause even greater economic gap between rich and poor teams, said Cereceda. “Package broadcasts of the Champions League will rise, and the national Championships, respectively, cheaper. And the money will go to big clubs. All this really fantastic strengthening of the budgets of the top clubs. But teams with a small budget in this case, waiting for the collapse”, — he explained.

The representative of La Liga added that the establishment of a closed tournament only for the “best clubs” will mean that smaller clubs will receive the denial of access to the European competitions of the highest level, while the rich will translate the national League in the second tier, giving priority to the Champions League. “For the “big” clubs participating in this League would be virtually guaranteed from year to year,” he said.

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