Described four scenarios for the end of the world


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The greatest threat to mankind are epidemic, nuclear war, natural disasters and the fall of the asteroid, says a report published on the portal How Will The World End.

Most dangerous for mankind disease experts recognized tuberculosis. According to who, in 2017, they caught ten million people, of whom two million died. The rate of spread of the disease she would destroyed the Earth’s population less than five thousand years. Among other deadly diseases experts have identified malaria, Ebola and meningitis.

The second place according to the degree of danger to the population of the Earth is a nuclear threat. This year the arrows symbolic clock “doomsday” was transferred for two minutes to “midnight” (catastrophe — approx. “Of the”).

The main climatic threat to the Earth is called global warming. It is noted that at the current rate of warming is 0.2 degrees per decade global temperature rise to 44 degrees in 2136 years, after which the oceans will rise so much that the water flooded the land.

The least likely, the researchers called the risk of collision of an asteroid with the Earth. However, in the case of a possible fall of one of the potentially hazardous asteroids — Florence — can be killed 1.2 billion people on the planet.

Experts have compiled a list, based on information from 50 different sources including United Nations statistics, data from the world health organization (who), European centre for control and prevention of diseases and NASA.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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