The Parliament of Moldova declared illegal the transfer of the powers of the Prime Minister Dodon


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Deputies of the Moldovan Parliament adopted a Declaration in which the appointment of Pavel Filip, the acting President of the country will be illegal. About it reports RIA Novosti news Agency.

“The Parliament of Moldova says the usurpation of power by the former government, lost confidence in Moldova is a peaceful transfer of power it was decided to respond destabilization. The Parliament recognizes the illegal government of Philip,” said the leader of the bloc ACUM Sandu.

Vice-speaker of the Parliament ion Ceban proposed to amend the Declaration Supplement to petition to the UN Security Council and other international organizations to assess the political crisis in the country. The Parliament also called on law enforcement agencies, “not to obey the orders of the usurpers and to the side of the legitimate authorities — Parliament, government and President.”

The Declaration adopted unanimously.

Earlier, on 9 June, the constitutional court of Moldova decided to temporarily transfer the powers of the President, interim Prime Minister Pavel Filip to dissolve Parliament and call new elections. Later, Philip signed a decree on the dissolution of Parliament and urged MPs “not to cling to positions, and go to the court of the people.”

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, called his suspension a bit desperate for the usurpation of power. “The only way internal and external mobilization, pressure and stiff resistance to the usurpers”, — he wrote on his page in Facebook.

The main subject of disagreement between the President of Moldova and the government of the Republic is foreign policy. While the socialist leader insists on cooperation with Russia, in Parliament dominates most Pro-European parties. 8 Jun Pro-Russian Party of socialists of Moldova and the Pro-European bloc ACUM formed a coalition, and the country after three months of waiting for a new government. The constitutional court declared the illegality of these decisions. In response to the country’s Parliament has accused the ruling Democratic party in an attempt to usurp power through judges.

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