Advertising a used coffin puzzled users of the network


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @msanele112

The ad looking for a buyer for second-hand coffin has led to confusion of Internet users. This writes News24 with reference to the positions of the seller in social networks.

A Twitter user with the nickname Msanele112, which published the ad, wrote that this is no joke: the price of used goods is 12 thousand South African rands (about 52 thousand). The entry with the same content he posted to Facebook.

Most of the commentators wondered who the coffin belonged to before. One user jokingly wrote that before it was buried Jesus, and the other suggested that such ads would make a great advertisement for Easter.

According to experts in the field of funeral services, talked to journalists, this post could not be comic. “In South Africa, coffins are often confused without the knowledge of the family of the deceased. For example, a coffin used for a person who is then cremated, you can then set as new”, — he explained.

Informed network users outraged dances at funerals in Thailand. Young girls performed a contemporary dance to club music coming from standing next to the car.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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