Awkward tuxedo trump’s meeting with the Queen ridiculed


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reuters

U.S. President Donald trump ridiculed for ill-fitting tuxedo, which he came to dinner to Queen Elizabeth II during a state visit to the UK. Reported by the Daily Mail.

At the event, trump appeared in a black jacket with overly long sleeves, a disproportionately protruding from under his white vest and trousers too large.

An officer of the London Atelier Davies & Son Patrick Murphy said that every detail of trump’s tuxedo was sewn incorrectly. “It doesn’t suit him neither growth nor size. The vest is too long and it must not be visible from under the jacket. His wife looked fantastic, and he is quite the opposite — started the expert. Sleeve close to his brush, and they should be a full inch shorter. I have the feeling that he took three different parts from three different costumes.”

Pants of the American President, according to Murphy, too, were bad: they were too large and long for such a costume. He found a flaw in the jacket: “he’s a big guy, but the shoulder pads are too wide — they do not fit him”.

To discuss the appearance of Donald trump joined by Twitter users. “Melania that, put your jacket in the dryer a second time?” — joked one of them. “Trump borrowed the jacket from Barron?” asked another, referring to 14-year-old son of the President.

This is not the first time Donald trump ridiculed for the fashionable misses. In April 2018 it outerwear is also provoked ridicule in social networks. Then the users ‘ attention was attracted by a strange fit of his blue coat: it seemed to them disproportionate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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