In healthy people, found the cancer bombshell


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Scientists at the broad Institute in the US identified that the vast majority of healthy people with areas of cells with mutations, including those associated with the development of malignant tumors. This publication reports Science News.

The study involved 488 healthy people, who took samples of cells. All were investigated 29 types of tissues, including kidney, liver and muscles. It turned out that in biological samples 95 percent of the volunteers had “spots” of mutant cells. Most of the changes in DNA were harmless, but some mutations were oncogenic.

A significant proportion of mutations identified on the skin, in the esophagus and the tissues of the lung, due to a high level of exposure to harmful factors to these organs. Such factors include ultraviolet radiation, air pollution or tobacco smoke. People of European descent, the skin is exposed to solar radiation, accumulated more mutations than areas of the body covered by clothing. In African Americans the level of mutations in the skin was lower than that of white people.

They also found that mutations often appear after 45 years in the tissues, producing new cells. However, while scientists don’t know how big the risk of cancer-specific mutations. This would allow to develop new screening methods and to identify pathological changes in the early stages.

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