In Moldova held a meeting of the two governments


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters

In Moldova, where in fact there was dual power, there will be meetings of governments: one under the leadership of Pro-European policy of Maia Sandu, the second was headed by acting Prime Minister from the Democratic party Pavel Filip. It is reported NewsMaker.

The meeting headed Sandu passed in the Parliament in the government building of the new Ministers were not allowed the protesters and the police. All seven members of the Assembly voted for resignation of the head of the General police Inspectorate Pintara Alexander, a suspect in the service of the “criminal-oligarchic regime.” This event ended.

Philip held a side meeting of his Cabinet, making it clear that he believes the government Sandu illegal. At a meeting with Ministers and secretaries of state, he said that the state institutions will continue to operate in normal mode, so that citizens do not suffer.

A little later the Parliament building was attended by President of Moldova Igor Dodon. In conversation with journalists he did not rule out that one of the scenarios may become violent seizure of power. According to Dodon, the majority of ambassadors recognized the new government and parliamentary majority.

Yesterday, 9 June, the Moldovan Parliament adopted a Declaration in which the appointment of Pavel Filip, the acting President of the country is illegal. Also, the deputies called on law enforcement agencies, “not to obey the orders of the usurpers and to the side of the legitimate authorities — Parliament, government and President.”

The political situation in Moldova deteriorated in early June. The Pro-Russian Party of socialists and Pro-European bloc ACUM June 8, formed a coalition, and the Republic after three months of waiting for a new government. The constitutional court declared the decision illegal and has appointed the Vice Chairman of the Democratic party Pavel Filip, the acting President dissolved Parliament and called early elections.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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