Inept doctors do not recognize the patient deadly cancer and killed her


www.vsyako.netJosephine Suffolk Photo: Josephine Suffolk

In the English city of Dover, County of Kent, the doctors took the symptoms of cervical cancer the patient for the effects of recent childbirth. According to the Mirror, the woman later learned about his illness and died.

Josephine Suffolk (Suffolk Josephine) for the first time the survey took place in September 2017 with complaints of abnormal bleeding. The doctor explained to the patient that the allocation associated with the failure of the menstrual cycle after childbirth. After that, the British turned to the doctors about five times with the same symptom, but the doctors could not put the correct diagnosis.

“The bleeding did not stop. For months I was convinced that I was all right. But I knew that the problem wasn’t the hormones. I felt that something was wrong,” admitted the woman in December 2018 in conversation with journalists. Then the British shared his story to warn people about medical negligence.

In June 2018 Suffolk fears were confirmed: specialist discovered she had cervical cancer. By the time the cancer has reached stage four, spread to the lungs and into the blood. Because of the size of the tumor was inoperable, the patient was prescribed chemotherapy.

Doctors failed to save the life of Josephine Suffolk. She died may 18, 2019 at the age of 29 years.

In February it was reported that the UK was dying of cancer, the nurse has recorded a video in which he complained of medical errors. For three years the woman could not diagnose cancer, while a private consultant is not found in the female malignant tumor of size 4.5 cm.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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