The girl lost 60 pounds because of rude comments and almost died


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19-year-old resident of Northern Ireland Caitlin Horrocks dropped nearly 60 pounds after rude comments about her and almost died, writes Daily Mail.

The girl met at the party my old friend, who said that before was the same “huge” as Horrocks, but she managed to lose weight. This comment touched the Irish woman, and she decided to lose weight. Less than six months Horrocks dropped 57 pounds.

She began to consume per day 700 calories instead of the required 1.5 thousand, and if eaten in excess of their quota, it caused vomiting. “I didn’t think about the negative consequences. I just ruined my health,” — says the girl.

A few months later, Horrocks was hospitalized with hypophosphatemia (low levels of phosphate in the blood, caused by the constant vomiting — approx. “Of the tape. ru”). She also began to lose her hair, she was diagnosed with gum disease, anemia, and bulimia. Doctors warned the Irish that if she starts to eat normally, she will live only a few months. Now Horrocks plans to change diet and exercise.

Earlier, the Australian, who had lost 63 pounds, told about the simple trick that helped her get back in shape. She suffered from excess weight because of the sweet obsession and found a way to overcome his habit: every time she wanted to eat another serving of sugar-containing food, she chewed the mint.

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