The most tasty brew


www.vsyako.netPhoto: said tsarnaev / RIA Novosti

Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study and found out which brew the most delicious. This is stated in the test results, which came to edition”.ru”.

In total, the experts examined seven brands of kvass: “Ochakov”, “Russian gift”, “Leeds”, “Vyatka” kvas, “Nikola”, “Suzdal drinks” and “Bouquet of Chuvashia”. Tasters felt that the best taste of different drinks brands “Ochakov”, “Russian gift” and “Nicola”. The average scores awarded brands of kvass “Lida”, “Vyatka kvass” and “Suzdal drinks”. The lowest rating was “Buket Chuvashii”.

Kvass brands tested meet the safety requirements, however the products of all seven brands were in the list of goods with comments due to the fact that it is not indicated on the label of possible sulfur dioxide content. This Supplement is used as a preservative or for processing against diseases and pests. According to experts, preservative harmless to health, but can cause intolerance, and therefore consumers need to warn you.

The experts also noted that “Ochakovsky” kvass content of microorganisms as close as possible to a valid value, but it is not a violation of security requirements.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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