The network has shared the most terrible secrets


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Reddit users discussed the important secrets that they have to store every day. The discussion gained 12.5 thousands of comments.

It turned out that most people hide from family members of changes in their lives so as not to disturb family. For example, one of the commentators said that he is silent about his dismissal. “I’m too embarrassed to tell them because I don’t want to accept their financial assistance. I was late with the rent and was on the rocks. The last time I went to my mom’s house, I stole a few rolls of toilet paper,” he said. One of the wearer urged him to confess his mother, who can comfort and shelter of the author in a difficult situation.

A number of users openly stated that hidden from your family health problems. “Get a biopsy on Friday. I may have cancer, but I don’t tell my siblings or mom because she has cancer, and this news will destroy her life. I am 47 years old, and my sister, dad, aunt and uncle all died of cancer,” shared celrdweller. Many consoled him and advised to look at the situation optimistically, as the doctors give him a 75 percent guarantee of a positive outcome.

Dozens of users said that retain the illusion of relationships with former lovers, because their Union was very much like parents and friends. Some of us have to hide a new passion and love to portray at family gatherings.

“I really love my best friend. She just got out of a long hard exhausting relationship. Now is not a good time to say,” — shared the secret Captain_Cone. Many commentators supported him and advised him to be with his beloved and help her to recover.

Some commentators were seriously puzzled what secrets others keep. “God, what have I just read,” he struck one of them.

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