Called abnormally voted for the daughter Alsu regions


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Karsaev / “Kommersant”

Company Group-IB have listed the regions of Russia, who almost entirely voted for daughter Alsou Abramova Michelle in the final and the super final of the show “the Voice. Children.” The report of the investigation available to the “”.

Most actively voted for Abramov residents of Bashkiria, and also Kursk and Ulyanovsk region. In these regions, the contestant received an absolute majority of votes. In the above-mentioned three regions, the figure was more than 95 percent of all the voters in Bashkortostan — 97 percent.

According to research, in General the most active in the vote was Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, as well as Kursk, Rostov and Ulyanovsk region.

The experts did not see anything abnormal in the voting residents of the capital and St. Petersburg, as they traditionally are leaders of voting for contestants. But this time, on the second place on activity was found to be of Bashkortostan, who gave only about 35 thousand votes. Fourth and fifth place went to Kursk region and Tatarstan.

The number of stranded votes in favor Micelle Abramova, according to Group-IB has reached 41 thousand. They were conducted with two groups of rooms.

The daughter of a businessman Yana Abramova and singer Alsu has won the final of the children’s “Voices” by a large margin. It happened at the end of April 2019, and has caused widespread dissatisfaction among viewers.

The first channel is then called the vote an anomaly and initiated an inquiry. Experts Group-IB recorded cheating votes, after which the TV channel canceled the results show. In may, the First channel was shown a special edition of the contest. In the end, all the finalists were named winners and received a million rubles. Company Universal Music has invited them all to write songs.

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