Disclosed the risk of sedentary work for the glutes


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Office work proved to be harmful for the figures. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Australian personal trainer and physical education teacher Melinda Norton explained that a sedentary lifestyle leads to weakening of the muscles of the buttocks, which, in turn, negatively affects the overall body posture, weight and health.

“Glutamina muscle is the most important of all skeletal muscles in your body, says Norton. — If you sit too long in one place, your thigh muscles tense and hinder the activation of the gluteus Maximus”. As a result, according to the coach, the movement of the pelvis is difficult in the lower back there is a clip which further causes back pain.

Norton also made recommendations to prevent “sagging buttocks”. She advised to regularly perform exercises such as gluteal bridge, deadlift, deep squats, lunges, and also time for Pilates.

In June, journalists have told how the wife of the President of the United States Melania trump manages to maintain the perfect appearance. A slender figure Melania obliged to daily training. For example, to legs were toned, she walks around the house with weights. In addition, she adheres to a healthy diet. For Breakfast the first lady drink fruit smoothies, but during the day eats seven pieces of fruit.

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