Discloses the technology of cheating in the final of the children’s “Voices”


www.vsyako.netMikella Abramowitz: 1tv.ru

Company Group-IB presented a report with details of the investigation of the vote in the final show of “the Voice. Children.” The document is at the disposal “of the Tape.ru”.

The experts found that the total number of fraudulent votes reached 41 thousand. They were conducted with two groups of rooms and was directed in favor of the party 07 (room daughter of the singer Alsou Abramova Mikelly).

The first group, which carried out the wrapping of phone calls consists of nearly 9.5 thousand of rooms: 146 bases for 360 each. All rooms within the groups are consecutive.

The second group of rooms used for cheating by SMS and brought the contestant more than 8.2 thousand votes. To identify them failed due to the error of the attackers that are randomly placed in the message text additional data (for example, departure time).

In addition, experts have identified oddities in the frequency vote. So, for contestant number 07 started to vote from the beginning of her speech. In one second she managed to get up to 300 votes. The average of its rivals — 110 votes per second.

In an average Abramov from one phone vote about eight times. For other participants — 1.5 times.

According to the study, more than two thousand subscribers voted for contestant number 07 more than 20 votes each. Even when the experts were excluded from the study base “spin” rooms, message traffic for Abramov was anomalous.

As a rule, the most active participants of voting always are Moscow and Saint Petersburg. However, this time the situation has changed: the second activity came the Republic of Bashkortostan. While in Bashkiria, for Abramov voted 97 percent of the audience. Actively voted in the Ulyanovsk region (95 percent of all the votes for this contestant) and in Kursk (96 per cent).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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