F-35A record fell


www.vsyako.netF-35A Lightning Foto: f35.com

The fifth generation fighter F-35A Lightning II from the 12th the party will cost the Pentagon $ 81 million, which is less than all of the previous prices for the model aircraft, according to Defence Blog.

The publication notes that according to the agreement signed with Lockheed Martin, the 12th batch of 157 aircraft will be sold with a discount of 8.8 per cent compared to the 10th game, in which fighter jets were supplied at a price of $ 89.2 million for the car. Also, the contract between the manufacturer and the war Department provides for the option on the 13-th and 14-th batch of F-35A Lightning II, in which the cost of one fighter drops below $ 80 million.

Start of production of the 12-th, 13-th and 14-th of parties, including 478 aircraft, will cost the US and allies to 34 billion dollars, which will be the largest contract in the history of the Pentagon.

Defence Blog notes that prices for F-35B Lightning II and the F-35C Lightning II also decreased, but does not specific amounts.

In June it became known that the Japanese F-35A Lightning II drowned on 9 April in the Pacific due to “the loss of orientation in space” pilot.

The family of a stealth multirole fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II is developed and produced since 2001 by the American Corporation Lockheed Martin. The fighter is available in three versions: A (for air force), B (short takeoff and vertical landing) and C (deck).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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