Fat mannequin in the shop pissed off buyers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nike

American sportswear brand Nike was criticized for the appearance of obese mannequins in its flagship store in London. It is reported by The Sun.

Therefore, the company decided to transform one of the trading rooms dedicated to diversity and inclusiveness in sports. Some customers, however, negatively perceived event, arguing that Nike promotes obesity.

Many of them expressed their protest in social networks. “The mannequin in Nike demonstrates that obesity is the norm. Bad move, but I guess in the UK not to betray its fullness values”, — said the author of a book about weight loss and saleperson Steve Miller on Twitter. “I don’t like normalizing our unhealthy society,” wrote another user. “Nike demonstrates a fabulous fat customers how awful they look, if you buy some of his products,” has not endorsed another commentators.

However, the store did not answer the claim and said that customers Nike available with a wide range of sizes in a variety of colours.

In may on the website of British online retailer Asos has a new model with physical disabilities.
One lady on Twitter posted a selection of screenshots with pictures of the new collection. She was impressed with that body models to demonstrate things on the website have been retouched in photoshop: some girls thighs were visible stretch marks, large birthmarks and veins, others folds of fat and cellulite.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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