Huawei will do without the Russian equivalent Android


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Chinese smartphone maker Huawei, which fell under US sanctions for a long time is developing its own operating system that can compete with Android from Google, writes the South China Morning Post. Earlier it was reported that the Chinese company may use Russian designs.

According to the publication, development of the operating system Huawei has been ongoing for seven years and is not directly related to the recent decree of the President of the United States Donald trump, forbade American companies to cooperate with the Chinese Corporation. In 2012, a group of top managers of Huawei at a closed meeting decided that the growing popularity of Android presents a potential threat, including in the case of possible sanctions.

Since, as stated, the development of OS engaged in a specially created within the company division, the activities of which was known only to senior management. Publicly Huawei has always stressed that he continues to focus primarily on Android and less on the operating system from Windows, and private development needs of the company only in the event of an emergency.

Officially, plans to introduce own software Huawei has not yet announced, but the Chinese media has leaked a screenshot of the closed corporate chat which implies that its operating system will be ready this autumn. It is expected that it will be compatible with Android applications. It still was the main problem developers.

Earlier it was reported that Huawei can use the Russian operating system “Aurora”, developed on the basis of the Finnish Sailfish. Also discussed the start of production of parts of components of smartphones Huawei in Russia. After the decree trump Google announced the termination of cooperation with the Chinese company since August of this year the latter will be able to use only the version of Android open source.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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