In Dodon’s going to take people to the streets


www.vsyako.netIgor Dodonpachi:

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon in an interview to the newspaper “Izvestia” announced his intention to bring people to the streets to resist the decision of the constitutional court (CC) on the dissolution of Parliament.

According to Dodon, his party intends to strengthen both internal and external pressure on the COP. In particular, we are talking about the pressure from external partners of Moldova, including the European Union, Russia and the United States, which recognized the legitimacy of the new parliamentary coalition. Speaking about the organization of street protests Dodon said that the socialists will do it, “if need be”.

The goal of the new parliamentary coalition Dodon sees it, is to “liberate public institutions from the influence of” oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and they controlled the Democratic party of Moldova. According to him, currently the democratic party and plahotniuc are trying to usurp the power and authority of the COP.

In addition, he admits that after reaching its main goal the parliamentary coalition may fall apart, which ultimately will lead to early parliamentary elections “at the end of this or early next year.”

The political situation in Moldova deteriorated in early June. The Pro-Russian Party of socialists and Pro-European bloc ACUM June 8, formed a coalition, and the Republic after three months of waiting for a new government.

However, the constitutional court found that the coalition was formed after the expiration of the period of its formation, and announced the dissolution of Parliament and appointed early elections. Igor Dodon has refused to sign the decree about Parliament dissolution, and then the COP stripped of his powers in favor of Prime Minister-the Minister Pavel Filip.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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