Opponents of Dodona demanded proof of their compliancy


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Vice-Chairman of the Democratic party of Moldova (PDM) Paul Philip believes that the statement that PDM was allegedly asked to change their foreign policies for a coalition with the socialists, must be proven. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“I think that the statements that make one or the other, needing evidence”, he commented on the publication of the newspaper “Kommersant”, in which it was alleged that on 3 June representatives of the democratic party gave the Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Kozak, the envelope in which the letter of the leader of the democratic party, the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc with a proposal to radically change the country’s foreign policy and refocus on Moscow, and to organize the federalization of Moldova with the aim to solve the problem of Transnistria.

As the media reported, allegedly in these circumstances, the democratic party was willing to enter into a coalition with the winner in the February parliamentary elections the Party of socialists, represented by the President of Moldova Igor Dodon.

In Moldova in early June aggravated the political crisis caused by obstruction in Parliament after the February elections, the socialists, the Democrats and the representatives of the right block ACUM in forming a coalition. 8 Jun Pro-Russian Party of socialists and Pro-European bloc ACUM unable to come to an agreement, however, the constitutional court found that the coalition was formed after the expiration of the allotted period.

Russia and the United States and the European Union recognize the formation of a legitimate coalition and have announced their willingness to cooperate with the new authorities.

According to Dodon, the main purpose of the established coalition is to release the authorities from the influence of the oligarch Plahotniuc and the Democratic party. After reaching this goal, formed 8 June, the coalition could fall apart, which ultimately will still lead to early elections “at the end of this or early next year.”

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