Timothy commented on the scandalous treatment L One with his label


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Rapper Timati has responded to the scandalous treatment hip-hop artist Levan Gorozia (L One) with his label Black Star. He left a comment under the post former colleague in Instagram.

Timothy denied the words that the company is trying to silence the former party. “You are free in any interview to talk all you want, you in this no limits. The more you are the host, tell me — is this your profile”, — wrote the artist.

He also recalled that, in accordance with the terms of the contract, all created during the cooperation songs L One after his departure from the label will be owned by the Black Star. “You’re in memory it signed with their own hands. I would love you would it was handed over, if you’d ever scored, and I had met and talked, but did not resort to the office with a crowd of vague “legal”. Now desire to part with you amicably no,” said Timothy.

“I Ter with you since November, not to call you great and respected men, not attracted lawyers, released the album the last day and had a word to the last. I was sitting in front of you and told you countless times in the face,” he said Gorozia. The review was supported by the Olga Buzova, Monatik, Elina Chaga, and ex-member of Black Star, Kristina Si, which also had a conflict with Timothy.

L One previously announced his departure from the label and accused former colleagues in an attempt to take away his song and name. The actor added that he will not allow to plug his mouth, and called himself invulnerable because he has nothing to lose. He also demanded that the Black Star “account for every ruble for all seven years” of collaboration.

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