Britain does not have time to prepare for Brexit


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The UK does not have time to prepare for the exit from the EU, which could take place on October 31, without an agreement. This writes the Financial Times, citing a government document dated 21 may.

It States that the authorities need six to eight months to work with the pharmaceutical industry to create mechanisms to ensure stocks of medicines by 31 October. Four to five months are needed to prepare for the new rules of border control. You may also need financial incentives for the registration of exporters and importers under the new schemes. The foreign Ministry requested at least two months to work with a million Brits living in EU countries, so they can prepare for its new status.

The document says government has fulfilled about 85 percent of the planned prep work, but many have achieved “minimum viable capacity”.

The government refused to comment on the leak.

Former Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson, who is considered the main contender for the post of Prime Minister after the resignation of Theresa may, began on 12 June the campaign for the seat of Prime Minister. He believes that Brexit, which has been postponed twice, should in any case be held October 31. By the time the London and Brussels planned to develop a mutually acceptable agreement on the output, could mitigate the effects of the step.

Earlier in June, the President of the United States Donald trump advised Britain not to pay EU 39 billion pounds as compensation for Brexit. Britain should leave the EU without a deal if Brussels does not accept the conditions of London, said the American leader.

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