Daughter Alsu boasted his first clip and was a victim of bullying


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The daughter of singer Alsou Abramova Mikella published in Instagram photo from filming his debut video. Many subscribers reacted negatively to its cooperation with the opponent on the “Voice” Yerzhan Maxim in this work.

“Recently hosted the shooting of the video for the song “Talybov” with Yerzhan Maxim. This is my debut video! I want to say that it looks much easier than it really is! To say that we are tired, it does not say anything!” said Abramov.

Many commentators reminded Abramova, she undeservedly won the show “the Voice. Children” and shamed her. According to them, the daughter Alsu to pursue a musical career after the scandal with an unprecedented markups votes in the finals. Some said that without a second party, the clip would not have taken place.

Most of the negative reviews were promptly removed from the page Abramova. “I mean, have the kindness of these children! Comments read and ofigevayu from your nastiness! You did cheat the vote? Well, that angry comments are cleaned,” he stood up for the daughter Alsu her fans. They sympathized with the actress, calling it the road is rough and thorny.

Earlier it became known that the total number of stranded votes in favor Abramova has exceeded 41 thousand. According to the inspection results, in the final, she received 300 votes per second. Rivals this figure was 110 votes. The father of the contestants Ian Abramov refused to comment, calling the investigation “a nonsense”.

Abramova won the children’s “Voice” in April 2019. The audience called her victory a dubious and suspected fraud. First channel called the last vote of the anomalous and launched an investigation. Later, the specialists Group-IB has fixed the cheat votes, after which the channel cancelled the results show. In may of 2019 was held a special show where all the finalists have been named the winners of the contest. Abramova on the record of this transfer has not appeared.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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