In Russia there will be pilots-fighters


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti

The Russians, who for the first time in the history of the country have been training for military pilots, will be able to serve in any kind of aircraft. This was announced by the Deputy commander of aerospace defence forces Lieutenant-General Andrei Yudin, reports on Wednesday, June 12, TASS reported.

According to him, the girls relevant specialty will be able to show themselves in that direction, which have more abilities.

“We will see if the girl is talented if she can make it to fly a fighter jet, the possibility of such consider,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Yudin stressed that the decision on the suitability of pilots is taken as part of entrance examinations and in the learning process on the basis of special tests, which usually involve testing the psychological and cognitive qualities.

Earlier it was reported that the first Russian military pilots will be able to claim only service with transport aircraft.

After the Soviet collapse in 1991, by military pilots in Russia had become exclusively male. The decision on the admission of women to a specialty flight in the Krasnodar military aviation school was attended by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in 2017. It is noted that for two years the course was credited with 31 girl. This year will be another admission of female cadets.

In January it was reported that “Rosatom” will create a squad kosmonavtom to fly into orbit. The company will look for candidates among the workers of space-rocket enterprises. According to the source, the Corporation does not intend to wait until they are recorded, and will search for a participating unit in the initiative order. Training for women organized in the light of future lunar missions.

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