Kadyrov reacted to the demolition of the sign on the border with Dagestan


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The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov appealed to the Dagestani people not to succumb to provocations after between Kizlyar (Dagestan) and Ryan Shelkovskoy Chechen Republic was demolished a boundary indication. He said this during a live broadcast in Instagram (the entry was posted in Instagram account of the Agency “Chechnya today”).

Kadyrov is assured that he is closely monitoring publications in the network, and advised users not to post offensive comments. He said that he would defend the territory of the region and its people, “no matter what the cost.”

“If you insult my blood family, my people is for me the most important. The language of the following, with the fingers, and we fingers get destroyed, language will tear. No provoking review not leave. You know me well”, — concluded the head of the Republic, adding that you must first “open their eyes and enable receiving antenna” and only after that to accomplish something or to speak.

At the same time, he stressed that his people do not want anyone to fight or quarrel, and is configured to friendly and fraternal relations. Kadyrov also said that the actions of the Chechens confined to border security. He thanked the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev for his approach to the situation and recommended the Dagestanis to listen to it.

11 Jun Vasiliev, commenting on the incident with the demolition of the pointer, said that some residents found the actions of the Chechen attack on territorial interests. “This is not and will not” — he added.

The incident with the demolition of the sign that says “the Chechen Republic. Shelkovskiy R-n” took place on June 10. According to residents of Dagestan, a new pointer came on the town of Kizlyar. The Chairman of the regional geographical society Zurab Hajiyev said that the side of the road where the sign was established, refers to the Chechen Republic, just before there was not appropriate signage.

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