Mass protests have forced the Hong Kong authorities to postpone the extradition law in China


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reuters

In Hong Kong, mass protests broke out because of the law of extradition to mainland China. On the morning of Wednesday, June 12, thousands of protesters blocked key roads around government buildings, reports the BBC.

Most of the demonstrators are young people and students, some of them in masks and helmets. The police tried to disperse them with pepper spray and said it was ready to use force.

The legislative Council of Hong Kong, which was June 12 to consider the bill in the second reading, postponed it. Local media reported that finally make the document is expected on June 20.

Earlier on Sunday to protest left a million people. The rallies were the largest since 1997. Some authorities have received death threats because of the bill.

The bill will allow us to consider extradition requests from the authorities of the PRC, Taiwan and Macau. Now Hong Kong has no extradition agreements with these territories. Authorities claim that the measure will affect only involved in serious crimes: murders and rapes. The court will make the decision in each case. Supporters of the bill claim that extradition will not affect the accused in political crimes. However, critics of the document say the opposite and claim torture and arbitrariness of the judicial system of the PRC.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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