New rocket Russia has been dubbed the “weapons of the end of the world”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

Today, Russia is leading in the arms race, writes the German magazine Stern.

According to the publication, a position the Russian side is due to the development of hypersonic missiles. The article notes that recently the defense Ministry of Russia has published a video of the start of the latest ballistic missile defense system (NMD) — PRS-1, which is designed to protect the country.

“PRS-1M is a weapon of the end of the world, which can only be used in a war that destroys the world,” the magazine notes.

Earlier, the us commentator Michael peck stated that shore-based missile complex (DBK) “the Rock”, located in Crimea, has become a real “killer ships” due to anti-ship missiles P-35. “Strengthening the coastal defense of the Crimea lulls the fears of Russia before the Western invasion in the Black sea and speaks of the determination of Moscow to hold the Peninsula,” said peck in his article.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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