The F-35 has helped su-35


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Supply the Arab countries of American fighters fifth generation F-35 Lightning II is unlikely because of the position of Israel, so the UAE and other Gulf States can buy Russian fighters of the 4++ generation su-35. This writes the “Military-industrial courier” with reference to an informed source.

“Six [Israeli] companies involved in this program [F-35] how contractors and technology providers, the total amount of signed contracts amounts to 778 million dollars. These companies clearly will object to the transfer of technology to any Arab States,” — said the interlocutor of the edition in the exhibition ISDEF 2019.

The publication notes that this “unwillingness of Israel to see the F-35 from other middle Eastern countries, especially in the air force [air force] UAE, working, ironically, for Russia’s interests in the Persian Gulf region”, in particular, opens up “the possibility of advancing to the region su-35”.

In June, the source reported that the Israeli active protection system Trophy, which is equipped with armored vehicles of the IDF and the US army, poorly reflects the impact of the modern Russian anti-tank weapons.

10th international exhibition of arms and military equipment 2019 ISDEF was held in tel Aviv (Israel) from 3 to 6 June.

Currently, Israel has 12 F-35I Adir. Only tel Aviv will receive 50 of these aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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