The Russians loved to live in floating homes and boat sheds



During the year the Russian buyers of real estate by 43.4 percent more likely to become interested in a housing boathouses, boat hangars and sheds, has increased the demand for floating home. This is stated in the provided “” materials “Craigslist real Estate”.

The average cost slipways on the coastline of the Russian waters in June 2019 at 9.6 million, floating home (houseboat) — 28,2 million rubles, according to analysts.

While price highs and lows may deviate considerably from the average, emphasize the “Avito”. So, the cheapest boathouse, according to statistics, the company sold for 1.05 million rubles. The facility is located in Kerch. The most expensive boathouse is located in Kaliningrad, the owners put it up for sale for 12 million roubles.

Cheapest houseboat, as calculated in the company is for sale for 590 thousand rubles, the most expensive is 75 million rubles.

Earlier, analysts Tvil service asked Russians living in rented accommodation at the time of release, the main inconvenience. According to the survey, among the most common complaints of tourists included the lack of Windows, bathroom and other declared when booking of amenities as well as the fact that put on the booking sites under the guise of accommodation facilities turned out to be garages and sheds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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