The violation of the crashed new York helicopter pilot


www.vsyako.netScreenshot: CNN

The pilot of a helicopter that crashed into a skyscraper in new York had no right to control it in conditions of poor visibility. On it informs TV channel NBC, citing representative of the Federal aviation administration of the United States.

It is noted that the 58-year-old Timothy McCormack, crashed in a hard landing on the building, had no license to pilot in bad weather conditions. To get the document, allowing to operate the aircraft in visibility conditions less than 4.8 kilometers, he had to take the test.

Licensed pilots are eligible to fly in poor weather conditions because they have the skill of orientation on the testimony of only flight and navigation instruments.

On 10 June, the helicopter crashed into the 54-storey building in Manhattan, after which there was a fire. The accident killed the pilot, who was inside the skyscraper people evacuated.

Eyewitnesses took video of the helicopter in just a few seconds before the crash. The footage shows how the pilot tries to regain control. Severe weather conditions prevented him to make a safe landing. The air flow rotates the nose of the helicopter almost straight down.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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