Trump has agreed to sell Poland a lot of F-35


USA sell Poland a lot of F-35. This statement was made by President Donald trump, reports Reuters.

The Agency points out that trump also said about a possible visit to Poland. Date is not set yet. At the same time the American President stressed that he has not yet decided whether to send additional American troops.

In early June, RIA Novosti, citing its own sources reported that the Polish authorities want to get the American fighters F-35 in the event of US refusal to supply Turkey.

The US repeatedly made the US an ultimatum: if Ankara will not refuse to purchase s-400, Washington will not provide the F-35. In the United States and other NATO countries fear that if Turkey will be in service and the s-400 and F-35, the Russian radar systems will learn to calculate and track the American fighters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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