Nurmagomedov went through the box and called best heavyweight in the world


www.vsyako.netTyson of Fioritto: John Locher / AP

The Russian fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Khabib Nurmagomedov told about their preferences in Boxing. Interview with the participation of Russian published in the YouTube channel of ESPN’s MMA.

“I believe Tyson fury is the best heavyweight of our time. As a boxer he is superior to his opponents,” said 30-year-old fighter. He also stressed that in the heavyweight category at the moment, have enough good boxers. He took one of them, Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz.

At the same time, Nurmagomedov criticized the policy of Boxing promotions. In his opinion, Boxing is deliberately not push the best and leading boxers often fight with “noramimi”. The Russians are convinced that in relation to the competitive bouts of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) is superior to the Boxing organization.

On 15 June the British fury will fight with the German Tom Schwartz. According to the Mirror, the heavyweight battle will earn for the more than 11 million euros. Fury never lost in professional Boxing. He has 27 wins and one draw.

Nurmagomedov will play their match on September 7 in Abu Dhabi. Rival Russians will be American Dustin Pore. Nurmagomedov, the current UFC champion in the lightweight division. He never conceded, having scored 27 wins.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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