Pensioners have received two apartments instead of one and upset


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

A couple of older Muscovites appealed to the media to help them get an apartment instead of the two stipulated by the renovation programme. This was reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Pensioners married for many years, during the marriage, they purchased a cottage and a one bedroom apartment. In the early 2000s, the couple had a big fight and began to prepare for divorce. On the advice of the lawyer they had shared the apartment and personal accounts, as a result, each of the spouses turned out to be the owner of your own room. Some time later, their plans changed, the couple decided to continue living together.

In 2017, the house in which spouses live together, entered into a program of renovation. As a result, unexpectedly, for pensioners, each of them was entitled to a private Studio apartment. “Come “lookout” for a separate apartment for Nicholas. I told you that the apartment will pick up in the surrounding areas. For us it is like a bolt from the sky!” — leads edition of the words of the elderly co-owner of the property.

The couple stress that, due to ill health they are not willing to do home exchange. To live in one of the apartments, giving second, they don’t want. “To take shelter is a lot of work. Occupant of pick up for him to see! I almost do not go, I to keep up? No, we do not need. We want to live as now”, — quotes the woman, “MK”.

A survey conducted in the spring of 2019, the study “Inkom-real Estate”, the main source of additional income to the Moscow pensioners — letting your property. More than half of the owners of the rental of rooms in Moscow — people of retirement age, calculated in the company. Among renters, who rent their apartments as a whole, the proportion of pensioners is as high as 35 percent.

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