The authorities of Moldova declared a protest in his support


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The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, called on his supporters to take to the protest on Sunday, June 16. He stated this during a briefing in Parliament, reports RIA Novosti.

Protesters will support the new government, headed by a representative of the right bloc ACUM Sandu. According to Dodon, it is the speaker of the Parliament of the socialist Zinaida Greceanii came to the idea to organize a meeting with him. The President of Moldova stressed that the protest will be peaceful, because the socialists and the right do not want to destabilize the country.

Dodon noted that the action you want to take part a lot of people, therefore the pressure on the Democratic party of Moldova (PDM) continues to grow. He urged the previous government to call off the boycott of Parliament and become a strong opposition. “If there are many of us, the process of peaceful transfer of power will be accelerated,” — said the President of Moldova.

Earlier he already talked about his willingness to bring people to the streets. According to him, he didn’t do it earlier to avoid clashes with supporters of the PDM that block government buildings.

The political situation in Moldova deteriorated in early June. The Pro-Russian Party of socialists and Pro-European bloc ACUM June 8, formed a coalition, and the Republic after three months of waiting for a new government.

However, the constitutional court found that the coalition was formed after the expiration of the period of its formation, and announced the dissolution of Parliament and appointed early elections. Igor Dodon has refused to sign the decree about Parliament dissolution, and then the COP stripped of his powers in favor of Deputy President of DP, Paul Philip, who has dissolved Parliament and called early elections.

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