The bride boasted a large ring and was ridiculed for manicure


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Facebook

Unknown bride boasted a wedding ring in social networks and has been ridiculed for a manicure. About it reports The Mirror.

In the picture published by girl demonstrated decoration square shape with a large stone in the center. Also the photograph shows the bride’s manicure — painted in pink and gold color false nails that slip up.

The wearer of the network criticized the girl’s untidy. “This ring is just as bad as what the hell is going on with her fingernails,” joked one commentators. “I can’t even concentrate on the ring, looking at her nails” — supported second wearer. “Looks like the nail tries to escape from this ring,” said third subscriber.

One user even did not believe that the pictures are real, because never seen such a bad manicure.

In may the wearer of the Internet made fun of the bride for too little engagement ring, a photo of which she posted on the web. Girls angered not only the size of the ring, but what did the bride.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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