The death of modern civilization


www.vsyako.netPhoto: NASA

Astronomers at the University of Colorado in boulder came to the conclusion that the Sun in the next hundred years may create a flare — burst of energy thousands of times more powerful than usual flares. Such events was observed in young stars, and at first it was thought that the Solar system they are impossible. This publication reports Science Alert.

Scientists analyzed data collected by space telescope Kepler, and Gaia, as well as ground Observatory Apache Point in new Mexico. They found 43 stars similar to the Sun, which produced superspace. The young stars emission of energy occur each week, older — every few thousand years. However, there is no more precise information about the severity of the potential outbreak and its impact on the Earth.

According to researchers, the catastrophic phenomenon will lead to technological collapse of modern civilization will cause damage in the trillions of dollars worldwide and cause unexpected man-made and natural disasters.

Earlier, on 17 October 2017, reported the study, researchers at Harvard University, who suggested that the soon to be a powerful solar flare that will disrupt the operation of the power system around the world, damage satellites, and disable Internet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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