The man stopped at a gas station and became a millionaire


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An American resident of the city of Salisbury, North Carolina, played at a gas station in the lottery and tore a big jackpot. It is reported by news portal UPI.

Wagoner Tyler (Tyler Wagoner) stopped at a gas station and bought five dollar (322 rubles) lottery ticket which won him $ 25 (1.6 thousand). A small victory prompted the gambler to acquire another ticket, but with a larger prize Fund.

“I was already leaving, when my eyes had got this ticket, — says the American. He was in the sixth division — and that’s my lucky number. I thought, “why not?””

Wagoner immediately checked the results of the draw: a lottery ticket is brought to the lucky one million dollars (64,5 million). The man admitted that immediately told about winning the father. “We often joked with him about winning the lottery. When I called him, he decided that it was another joke, — says the winner. — He believed me, but when I sent him a selfie with ticket”.

Lucky American plans to spend the prize money on care of his father.

In mid-may it was reported that in the U.S. city of Charlotte, North Carolina, a man stopped to get gas and hit the jackpot. Steven Floyd paid for petrol at a filling station BP and decided to buy a lottery ticket. The man managed to win a million dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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