The network has listed the ways to ruin a first impression about yourself


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Reddit users have discussed, some very unpleasant and pretentious comments they met in the profiles of friends. Tred scored 40 thousand likes and became one of the most popular on the platform in a few hours.

One of the users said that he remembered the profile of bitchy girl who demanded new acquaintances and interesting trips. “Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Cameroon, Thailand, Japan and many others. Then it was said that the former brought her to France and China, and that she didn’t like it”, he said. Many laughed at the claims of the wearer.

Many commentators agreed that they were also annoyed by those who are proud of their work or lying about it. “When I see “self-employed” or “own a business”, but do not have any information about the industry or about what they do, I immediately think of drug trafficking,” — quipped one user.

Other proposed options for the most hated jobs, which indicate a wish to stand out: “the General Director (his name here) Industries” or the “School of life”. Some noted that they just spoil the impression of the person, if they see that he works in the field of network marketing.

“The profiles that say something like “you must be this tall, this weight, or have income below the so-and-so” and the like”, — told about his dislike VonMeatstein. Another user supported it and noticed that the worse it looks for the expression with the veil of mystery: “”I’m not like everybody else” or “You know my name, not my story, — he remembered.

Many users said that this thread helped them to think about, not if they annoy other people. “I wonder how many people are in a hurry to go into their profile and edit all this stuff,” laughed the user BoozeAmuze.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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