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The family of the Lieutenant Colonel of FSB of Russia Marat Medoev, who is mentioned in a new investigation by journalist Ivan Golunova about the funeral business, were real estate and business in Slovakia. This writes the “Novaya Gazeta”.

According to the newspaper, the officer is the assistant and confidant of chief UFSB across Moscow and Moscow region Alexei Dorofeev, through whom “all the issues are resolved”. The newspaper’s sources call them people with lot of connections and resources. In particular, Dorofeev is considered a person of security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

“Novaya Gazeta” writes that Medoev Marat — hereditary security officer, his father — Igor Medoev — also served in the FSB, and later was assistant to the former defense Minister of Russia Anatoly Serdyukov. Their family in 2009 acquired near Bratislava in the prestigious area of the house and opened the company Medeva working in property management.

Also Medoeva cooperating with the family Andrianova, who are the largest suppliers of uniforms for the needs of the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB and Ministry of emergency situations. With these structures, they signed contracts for 11 billion rubles.

Earlier, on 14 June it was reported that Mr Medoev has denied the involvement of his son to the illegal criminal prosecution of the journalist Ivan Golunova. “I’ll ask him [Golunova] to write that we have nothing to do with his arrest. My son doesn’t even know what it looks like Ivan Golunov. He was on vacation in Sochi and was very surprised when I read in the Internet that his name is associated with arrest. Journalists do fakenews, when you write that his family is somehow involved”, — Medoev said the senior.

Moscow police in the afternoon of 6 June, was detained in Moscow of the correspondent of “Medusa” Ivan Golunova. He was charged with attempted sale of drugs and sent under house arrest. Gross violations during the arrest of the journalist and the obvious provocative nature of his prosecution has caused a sharp public outcry: the building of the main Department of internal Affairs across Moscow gathered a large number of people demanding the release Golunova.

June 11, interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced the closure case against Golunova and his release. June 12 in Moscow and several cities held an unauthorized rally in support of the journalist. On 13 June the President of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed from bodies of internal Affairs of two major-generals of police in connection with the case Golunova.

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