Convicted in Kuwait she has told about the support from the US and diseases



Russian Maria Lazareva, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in Kuwait and released on bail, he hopes to find the truth and close the case. She told about it in interview to “Kommersant”.

According to her, June 23 will be a new trial, which were first allowed to bring defense witnesses. Lazarus also allowed to see the document informed them, in particular, did not translate in understandable language. In addition, the matter was allowed to attach to the accounting documents, which were not studied before. Lazarev points out that “unfulfilled contract”, for which she was sentenced, her company actually performed, and it is recognized including the commercial court of Kuwait.

The woman noted that her defense was not only in Russia but all over the world (including former FBI Director Louis Freeh and wife of the former Prime Minister of great Britain Cherie Blair), because she has a lot of colleagues and friends in different countries. “When all this happened to me, they were in shock (…). The West is very sensitive to the topic of human rights, including in the middle East,” she said.

She has said that for 472 days in prison acquired many diseases. “I don’t want to talk about it. Prison no one is good, plus I was tormented that my sentence is unjust, but at home I expect a small son, and parents,” she said.

“I think I got out of jail only thanks to the attention to my case from the international community,” — said Lazarev. She added that the money for the release from prison of approximately $ 3.3 million was made citizen of Kuwait who did not wish to disclose his name. On freedom, it was released June 13.

Mary Lazarus was detained on suspicion of embezzlement of budget funds of the Kuwaiti port authority. Later, it brought one more criminal case — about plunder of means from the Fund, The Port Fund. The defense believes that the case against the Russians, the only female businessman in the region, trumped its competitors illegally using administrative resources.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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