Housing Ural “man-mole” put up for sale


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In the Urals village of Nikitino Top for sale land with an underground housing, a local resident Vladimir Resiny, which became known as the “man-mole”. Regional about it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Reshin started to build a underground shelter in 2005, after his house on the site was destroyed by fire. “Reshin very offended when someone offered him help. We told him the apartment would distinguish, but he refused. Offering free firewood to bring. He said: “I do Not want any wood!”” — said the publication of Vladimir Kulizhskiy, who served in the two thousandth post of the head of territorial Department of Krasnoufimskiy administration, which oversees the village.

The construction of the house took Reshina seven years, he worked with one hand, since the second in his youth, damaged, moving tick-borne encephalitis. By establishing an underground dwelling, the man was there electricity, organized the shower and set the oven-stove. After some time, about the original home Reshina learned in the media, the man got in the region known as “man-mole”.

In 2017 Vladimir reshin ill and a few months later died. The land was inherited by the brother Reshina Arcadia. The new owner decided to put the ground from a malfunctioning underground housing for sale, for plot of 12 acres he expects to gain 168 thousand rubles.

In 2008 he received the highly publicized case of a British “man-mole” by William little. Male 40 years digging tunnels under his house and got into the focus of attention of the city authorities when he began to complain about the neighbors, fearing for their plots. The man was ordered to fill the tunnels, but he refused and was forcibly evicted from the house.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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