In Europe found Russia’s intervention in the elections


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The Russian side attempted to spread misinformation, to influence turnout and voting preferences in the last may elections to the European Parliament. This is stated in the review of the European Commission (EC), to be published on Friday, June 14, reports the Financial Times.

About “sustainable disinformation activity” shows activity on social networks, the document notes. The EC indicates that interested persons, “in particular related to the Russian sources”, I changed scale and large-scale operations switched to low. It is noted that the actions of some Russian sources “covered a wide range of topics (…) up to the use of controversial debates on migration and sovereignty”.

As an example of misinformation is the fire in Notre Dame, which was used to demonstrate “the alleged decline of Western and Christian values in the EU.” The European Commission believes that also affect the minds of Europeans tried using a political scandal in Austria. In General, the experts drew attention to the attempt to nurture radical views.

No conclusions about who was behind the misinformation or its dissemination is coordinated. The report urges companies to work with suppliers of advertising in a network and to eliminate deceptive ads. While the Financial Times notes that the findings once again raise the question of how to divide freedom of expression and opinion of people from the blatant campaign of disinformation.

European Parliament elections were held from 23 to 26 may. Them right nationalist parties in many countries have received significantly more votes than in previous elections in 2014, and the traditional centrist parties lost popularity, although it retained a majority.

Russia in recent years has repeatedly accused of meddling in the elections in the US and some European countries. Moscow denies the accusations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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