Parents listed the most frightening phrase children



Parents talked about how children are frightened by them that what he said or did. Such cases they shared in the thread on Reddit, which gained more than three thousand comments.

It turned out, even the most harmless word from a child’s mouth may sound scary. “My cousin calls every any woman on the street is good,” admitted SubSahranCamelRider.

However, most children utter the phrase, more suitable heroes from horror movies. “I cut off mom’s head!” said three-year-old son of one of the wearer while she slept on the couch. Another girl took the unusual compliment eyes passing by her women. “I would like to wear them on my wrist”, she concluded.

Five-year-old Akummu showing love for destruction, expressing the view that the terrain on which he was traveling with his parents, would look much better after all going to die. Two year old son Crayold_lady surprised their parents, saying that he is not of this world. “He explained to me that our world is just a bubble among countless other bubbles, and he is from another bubble,” recalled the woman.

History fatlittleyorkies also been associated with bubbles, but with soap. According to him, friend, his child was hit in the bladder, and divided it in two. She called it “romantic birth.” Then she snapped both of them and said: “Murder is more romantic.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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