Pomegranate paralyzed the airport


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @bardchat

In the Detroit Metropolitan airport, Wayne County (Detroit Metro Airport) in the inspection of baggage was discovered training grenade. About it reports Fox News.

Employees of the airport as a precaution stopped the screening of passengers and cordoned off part of the airport. It has been found that grenade — training. A passenger who tried to smuggle a grenade, said that he is a soldier. However, he was brought to trial for hooliganism.

Earlier, on 14 June it was reported that India was sentenced to life in prison and a fine of one million dollars Exchange market Kishore Salla (Salla Birju Kishor). In 2017, he traveled by Jet Airways flight on the route Mumbai to new Delhi and left a note on the box with napkins in the toilet of a business class, alleging that on Board are hijackers and a bomb. After that, the captain of the aircraft decided to land the plane in Ahmedabad. Action Salla regarded as attempted theft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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