Relatives of the detainee of a graduate student anarchist from Moscow state University started to press


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In Nizhnekamsk (Republic of Tatarstan), the police began to put pressure on the relatives of the detainee on suspicion in manufacture of explosives graduate students of mechanical-mathematical faculty of Moscow state University Azat miftahova. About it reports “OVD-info” with reference to activists of the “Initiative group of Moscow state University”, the information was confirmed, including the lawyer of the arrested Svetlana Sidorkina.

6 Jun home to Miftahova in the city, two policemen came and aggressively demanded that the sister and the stepfather of a graduate student came to the office. Police said that if Miftakhov gave testimony at the “right” people, it could be released.

Then, on 10 June, relatives miftahova came to the local police Department. At first, the police asked the stepfather of a graduate student on the stepson and his friends in Moscow, and then showed footage from security cameras, where the sister of the detainee putting up stickers in support of it.

The police began to demand that she stopped doing it, otherwise they will create problems with learning will be to hold her, to hold her conversation and put on the account. Stepfather miftahova were threatened with problems at work. Mother of a graduate student telephoned and demanded “to stop to communicate with public men” and “to take the daughter.”

Miftahova lawyer Svetlana Sidorkin confirmed this information and said that the police want statements from the family.

Miftahova about detention on suspicion in manufacture of explosives became known on February 1. According to investigators, the young man could engage in the creation of explosive in a Dorm room in the main building of Moscow state University on Sparrow hills.

During the search there were found traces of explosives, and military form, several means of communication and the literature of the anarchist orientation. It was reported that Miftakhov is a member of the anarchist organization “national self-defense”, along with him were detained five people.

3 Feb Miftakhov complained of torture. According to protect its interests Svetlana Sidorkina, physical pressure on graduate students followed after he asked to call my parents and lawyer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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