Vodianova explained the dangers of the program malyshevoy on children nerds


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The Russian supermodel and founder of the charity Fund “Naked heart” Natalia Vodianova condemned the use of the expressions “idiot” and “moron” in the program “Live healthy” on the First channel. Her words leads TASS.

Vodianova said he believes the unethical use of outdated terminology. She stressed that the appearance of the program on the TV casts a society a few decades ago, “when any particular development in the country was stigmatized, and people with them had no chance at a full life.”

According to the supermodel, none of the medical classification does not contain offensive terms. The founder of the Fund noted the importance of using the correct disease name. “[So] we reduce the negative connotations associated with various violations,” she added.

Earlier, the leader was indignant journalist Vladimir Pozner and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. The health Ministry and the state Duma also criticized the release of the program.

In the issue of June 13, Malysheva used the word “nerd” in respect of children with one form of congenital hypothyroidism, characterized by delayed physical and mental development. One of the parts of the latest issue of “Live healthy” on the First channel called “Where are the nerds?”, and in the Intro, you used the phrase “My child is an idiot”. Malysheva repeated several times that Russia is a screening that can identify congenital hypothyroidism in pregnancy, free.

The main children’s psychiatrist of Moscow Portnov’s Anna explained the inappropriateness of the word “nerd” in relation to sick children. According to Portnova, the terms “moron” and “idiot” are outdated and in modern medicine used.

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